• Advantages
Cost Control

Fidelidade Assistance permanently monitors claims cost within its internal network of service providers, enabling it to practice a highly competitive price policy in the markets in which it operates.

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Fidelidade Assistance has a highly qualified team experienced in developing assistance and legal protection packages that best suit each customer, as far as insurance policies, credit cards and loyalty cards are concerned, providing custom-made services and strengthening customer loyalty.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Fidelidade Assistance extensive services network is ever-ready to respond to any situation in any location. Our experts will guarantee prompt and efficient delivery of the services required.


Fidelidade Assistance regularly carries out quality control checks to all services it offers, which additionally help us monitor customer satisfaction. All repairs comprise a 6-month guarantee.

International Network

Fidelidade Assistance assistance and legal protection services are not restricted to Portugal. As a partner of APRIL international network, our services are available throughout the world, supported in a wide network of branches and representative members operating in more than a hundred countries and interconnected via the most up-to-date communications systems.

Advanced Technology

Being equipped with the latest high-performance IT systems, Fidelidade Assistance is in direct contact with its customers, continuously optimizing the speed and reliability of its process management.