MAIN SERVICES - Legal Protection


Fidelidade Assistance represents customers in relation to the vehicle insured, in disputes arising from:

  • Defence in criminal proceedings
  • Defence in civil proceedings
  • Claims for loss arising from physical injury or material damage
  • Advance of bail funds
  • Claims in the event of defective repair of the insured vehicle


Fidelidade Assistance represents customers in relation to their homes, in disputes arising from:

  • Claims for damage
  • Defence in criminal proceedings, in the event that the insured person is accused of acts of negligence arising from the use of the dwelling-place insured
  • Litigation arising from supply of services, works or labour contracts
  • Advance of bail funds


Fidelidade Assistance represents customers in relation to Condominiums, in disputes arising from:

  • Claims against condominium members
  • Defence in criminal proceedings brought against the condominium’s administrators
  • Claims for the repair of material damage
  • Defence of the insured’s interests in relation to the condominium, in disputes arising from:
    • Labour contracts
    • Service contracts for maintenance and conservation of elevators
    • Service contracts for cleaning, surveillance and security
    • Insurance contracts which object is the building or common parts