ABOUT US - Operational Structure

Provided with a call center that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Fidelidade Assistance attends circa 360,000 assistances and more than 220,000 services a year.

This call center platform is an efficient and effective solution for companies acting in the areas of customer satisfaction and retention/loyalty programs.

Inbound and call forwarding: Fidelidade Assistance assures the off-hours of customer service lines, ensuring that all requests for information, suggestions and/or complaints are properly attended to and forwarded to the right recipients.

Outbound calls: Fidelidade Assistance has specialized teams to perform tasks of database updating, satisfaction surveys and telemarketing campaigns, contributing to the development of the activity of its institutional customers.

Continuously assessing the quality of all its interventions, Fidelidade Assistance' customer service teams are constantly undergoing training and updating. The teams are also able to communicate in English, French, German and Spanish.

Fidelidade Assistance has an extensive network of doctors, lawyers, technicians, towing service companies, transportation of wounded and sick, taxis and rental vehicles, being therefore able to intervene anytime and anywhere, in Portugal or abroad. Fidelidade Assistance providers’ network comprises the best technicians in construction, repairs and other domestic services.

Fidelidade Assistance permanently monitors claims cost within its internal network of service providers, enabling it to practice a highly competitive price policy in the markets in which it operates.